As a floor cover element, carpet is one of the favorite decorations at home. Families usually spend time together on the carpet, where they can relax, chat, or watch television.  However, the carpet is also easy to absorb various sources of disease. Carpets easily collect dirt, dust, animal hair, and fleas. Therefore, make sure the carpet at home is routinely cleaned to avoid disease due to dirty carpets. Cleaning the carpet regularly is certainly very helpful to ensure there are no dust, dirt, and fleas that collect on the carpet, especially if there are babies and children, and preferably every week using a vacuum cleaner. However, generally, the tool cannot completely eradicate germs. Only we silk rug cleaning that provides professional tools for cleaning your carpet. Just cleaning the dust is not enough. Sometimes the carpet can look clean but there are still many germs sticking. Therefore, carrying a carpet to be cleaned in the laundry service also needs to be done regularly to ensure that all the germs on the carpet are cleaned completely. Washing at home is not necessarily clean, while in the laundry the carpet will be cleaned using special tools to clean the carpet.

Usually, people wait until a year before washing the carpet again, even though there are lots of lice and dirt left behind. The carpet is very important to be cleaned because if it is dirty it can make people sick quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the carpet in the laundry every 3-4 months. The special cleaning process at the washing place makes the carpet not only clean but also safe from germs. The machines in various places of washing services have been specifically designed to maintain the color and texture of the carpet. The right carpet cleaning service will help repel various microorganisms that cause disease while creating a clean, healthy and safe air for children and families. In addition, the beauty and durability of the carpet are also maintained so that the carpet is more durable.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is, to avoid carpeting exposed by many germs should be placed in the part of the house that is rarely passed by people. Avoid installing carpets in the usual place where all activities are carried out. Do not also put the carpet near the shoe rack to avoid transferring germs from bacteria to the carpet. We recommend that you place the carpet in the bedroom, work space or living room. Do not step on or walk on the carpet if you are still wearing shoes or sandals, especially after a day of traveling. The bottom of the footwear is dirty and makes germs stick and settle for a long time.

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