Keyword in an SEO article is an important factor that must be considered. Keywords or keywords can be divided into two, namely the main keywords and derivative keywords. Keywords are important words that are input by internet users to get the information, products, and services they are looking for. In determining keywords, we cannot arbitrarily choose words. Do you have a plan to work with New York SEO Company – Charles Brian International? Regarding the company you’ll choose, it’s important to know how the best keyword works. Did you know how to get the relevant keyword to your content and your business?

The right keywords according to what users are looking for will increase business sales and help the website to occupy the first position on the search engine page. It seems trivial, but this is one of the determinants of the success and failure of the SEO website that you make to be able to occupy the first position in SERP (Search Engine Optimization).

– Check with the Adwords Tool

It is important for you to check the frequency of keyword searches that you want to use. That is by using the Adwords tool. This way, you can know the user’s search every month. Or, you can make it a reference for keywords that you will make choices for the content of your website.

– Check Your Competitors Website

Finally, check your competitor’s website, which is the website with the same content as you have. Check the keywords, what keywords are used especially the website with high visitor traffic, then apply. After the search phase for keywords is complete, then you can learn how to place the right keywords so that your website content can occupy the first position of Search Engine Optimization.

– Pay attention to Google suggestion

When inputting keywords on Google, you must have seen the suggestion displayed by Google under the keyword input column. Just by typing one word you want to track, you have got so many suggestions from Google.