Vape or e-cigarettes are currently being popular among young people and adults. Vape offers many flavors that can be enjoyed. In addition to the taste of vape that can be chosen, you can also choose various types of heating devices to heat the vaping liquid or commonly known as a vaporizer. Yes, this vaporizer is available in various types. On the other hand, perhaps you may want to learn How to Turn Wax into E liquid as well.

Many types of vaporizers are traded for electronic cigarette lovers, in various shapes and sizes. At first, e-cigarettes aimed to help someone abandon their smoking habits. However, it turns out that electronic cigarettes can also endanger your health.

Vape or electric cigarette is considered safer than ordinary cigarettes. However, it turns out the risk of inhaling electric cigarettes is not much different from ordinary cigarettes. In a journal published by Circulation, it was stated that high amounts of nanoparticles were found in vape vapor inhalers.

These nanoparticles are toxic, can accumulate in the lungs and cause inflammation. Steam vape inhalation has been linked to asthma, stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Other research also found that steam produced by electric cigarettes contained solvents, which contained nicotine and flavorings. This solvent can cause irritation to the lungs.

The higher the heat and the more steam produced, vape users enjoy it more. However, the more steam is produced, the more nicotine is contained in each blow. In addition, the higher the heat produced can also trigger solvent damage so that the solvent can turn into a more dangerous compound, namely carbonyl. These carbonyl compounds, for example are formaldehyde and acetaldehyde which can cause cancer. The higher the power of the vaporizer can even produce the same formaldehyde as found in tobacco smoke.

In addition to nicotine and solvents, vape vapor also contains flavorings and preservatives. Although both of them may be safe, they can also be harmful to health when inhaled and into the respiratory tract.