Hair models are one of the most important things for women. Women are very concerned about the hairstyle, always updated with the latest models, or there are those who maintain the old model. Why do women really pay attention to the hairstyle? Because they want to look charming and show their aura. Of course, there are many considerations in choosing a hairstyle. If the wrong choice, their faces will look strange and the aura does not come out perfectly. The problem of choosing a hairstyle is owned by almost all women, including dark-skinned women. But don’t worry, because provides a list of hairstyles that can be considered.


As already explained, choosing a hair model must consider the shape of the face. For those of you who feel too oval, you can use a shoulder length woman’s hairstyle. This aims to reduce the length of the oval line. Another style is to try straight and thick bangs. Thick bangs can highlight the eyes and remove the excess distance between the forehead and chin. Bangs are perfect for sweetening you with an oval face and short and long hair. If you want to try short hair on the shoulder, you can try short shaggy pieces or asymmetrical bob. Both short hairstyles for long faces can give a young impression.

For those of you who have a heart-like face, the area of ​your cheekbones protrudes and your chin becomes pointed. If your hair is long, you don’t need to bother shortening it because the long pieces really match this face shape. All you need to do is balance the cheek and chin area with your hair. Make a layered cut and fall under the chin. Making a little wave will make it sweeter.

For those of you who want to avoid the chubby impression on your face, choose the cut sideways and shaggy pieces. Actually, if you are braver and confident with your round face shape, it doesn’t matter to have short hair. You can also try the wavy layers hairstyles. This cut means creating an accent that frames the face so that it can slightly reduce the impression of a round on your face.