Hajj must indeed be accompanied by very good preparation. If you join the Hajj packages, your preparation will be assisted by the Hajj tour. You may often hear stories of pilgrims who are lost in Medina and Makkah. This case is often heard because there are many doors to enter the Prophet’s Mosque and Haram Mosque. Many of these doors actually function to facilitate pilgrims who come from various directions. Lodging is available in a lot around the mosque so that the doors are made from all directions so that pilgrims can easily access it. But for those of you who don’t want to get lost, here we share the tips:

– Record the identity of the inn
After arriving in Medina or Mecca you should record the identity of the accommodation in full, including the name of the street where the hotel is located, the address of the hotel building where you stay, room number, and telephone number.

– Do not leave ID Card or other identification
So that you are easy to find help and easy to recognize, wear both identities everywhere, because the bracelet can be a guide to where you live. Besides that, Saudi Arabia security officers can more easily find out where your country comes from and where you live, especially for those of you who conversely do not master English or Arabic conversations.

– Don’t part away with the group
When you want to travel either for sightseeing or just foraging, you should go together. If you don’t go with a group, you can go with other friends to accompany you, especially if you are truly the first time worshiping in the holy land or you are a woman who is vulnerable to becoming a criminal victim.

– Keep calm in any condition
Get lost when you follow Umrah? Face calmly and not panic. If you have traveled around but have not yet got a way home, then calm down by taking a short break while sitting while remembering special signs to the place where you are staying or the entrance when worshiping at the Grand Mosque.