When you feel diarrhea whether in a short or long period, all you need to do is find cara mengatasi diare so that you can handle it properly and correctly. Because there is some diarrhea that you cannot overcome by yourself and need help from a doctor https://www.kompasiana.com/nisasan/5b7fcdb5c112fe13c973bdf5/tiga-cara-mengatasi-diare-yang-aman-saat-bepergian. However, when you can handle it yourself, then you no longer need a doctor.

When you feel about diarrhea, there are some foods that you can choose to overcome the problem of diarrhea. Some of the food ingredients in question are

1. Milk and milk products
Some choices are low-fat milk, soy milk or milk powder.

2. Foods that are easy to digest carbohydrates
Examples are white rice or mashed potatoes

3. Vegetables and fruit
Choose fruit that has no grain, such as apples or melons

4. Protein
Animal protein foods that can be chosen are meat, fish, perfectly cooked eggs, and peanut butter

5. Drink
Consume neutral drinks, such as water or electrolyte solution.