Many people think that introverts and shy people are the same things. I also think like that. But it really isn’t. If all this time you feel you are typical shy, wait a minute, don’t be so sure. There are several characteristics that you must understand first. If it turns out you have 14 of these characteristics, it means you are not a shy. But an introvert. If you are an introvert and want to find a date, you can visit our introvert dating site.

– Introverts really enjoy me time

Introverts often feel like they want to be alone and enjoy the tenderness. At times like this, Introverts usually use the time to reflect and think about something deeply.

– Introverts do not like light talk

An introvert is a type of thinker. He prefers to talk about substantive matters rather than small talk. Prefer to discuss something heavy like life, ideas, theories or life goals. But he can be a good listener. That is, if someone talks about something light, he might not be able to get involved in the discussion. But making people comfortable by just being listeners.

– Introverts do not like a cell phone ringing

An introvert is not someone who is comfortable to talk by telephone. He doesn’t even easily receive calls from friends or even his family. He often felt that the telephone ringing was so disturbing in his concentration that he was focusing on something. Only to certain people can he roast delicious via telephone. With that person, he used to spend a long time talking.

– Introvert does not immediately reply to messages from someone

When you know that someone has sent you a message, you don’t immediately reply. Even though it might be a message from the family. You choose to reply to the message in full concentration and are not sharing time with other activities. So you will reply to messages with good language and substance.