The mobile screen is currently made with a touch screen so it is very vulnerable to scratches and damage that could occur. For that, you as a smartphone owner must know how to be effective so that you can avoid your gadget from various damage, especially on the screen. For those of you who have gadgets with type s9, then you can search for s9 screen repair to be able to handle problems that appear on the gadget screen.

There are several causes of damage and problems in the gadgets that you have, especially the gadget currently has a touch screen feature that is very vulnerable to a lot of damage. Some of the causes of the damage in question are

1. Pressing the screen too hard
This is a major problem that happens to everyone. Because some of them thought that touching the screen hard would not have a big effect on the state of the screen. In fact, in fact, it is when it affects the condition of the screen. Try to always touch the screen without having to press it, it’s quite simple.

2. Put the gadget in your pants pocket
In addition to pressing the screen too big, putting the smartphone in the pants pocket can also make the smartphone screen an error. According to logic, indirectly the screen will rub against the pants pocket. The main solution is to put it in a special place like a smartphone wallet.

3. Greeting with Nails
Not much different like pressing the screen, it turns out touching the smartphone screen with nails can also cause damage. It’s good that you don’t keep your nails, especially sharpen your nails to avoid problems when touching the smartphone screen.

4. Direct contact with sunlight
The cause of the fifth broken fast touch screen is to be in direct contact with sunlight, by preventing direct contact with sunlight, the screen quality will be maintained. Sunlight is thought to be able to erode the screen, especially in color and contrast.