Electric cigarette or vape is one of the new breakthroughs created to create a new formula that is easier, more efficient and efficient. This cigarette as the name suggests, all the ingredients used are using modern equipment. It does not use manual equipment like cigarettes – conventional cigarettes. There are several pieces of equipment from this cigarette that you must know, for example as explained below. In the meantime, perhaps you should also find out how to turn Wax into E juice.

Clearomizer or commonly called liquid storage tube also has an important role in your PV, one of its uses can sometimes make PV not work, so there are some tips or ways to treat it:

First check atomizer

before filling in the liquid, the atomizer does not tighten can cause the tube to leak or spill.

Liquid tubes are LIQUID storage

so don’t include anything other than using liquid for PV. Suppose you are curious about the taste of cigarettes, so deliberately put pieces of tobacco from cigarettes so that there is a sense of cigarettes. This is so FALSE because solid objects can choke the path of the atomizer and can cause shorting so that sometimes the atomizer breaks or the tube will always leak.

There is a little liquid at the bottom of the battery connector

every time opening the tube is normal, it is because the steam that we suction is still attached to the suction line (in the tube), after a long time the steam that sticks more and more along with the steam we suction so that it turns into the liquid, well that liquid which then falls down and sticks to the bottom of the battery connector.

Don’t be too hard to tighten the clearomizer

by using a battery. There are already a lot of clearomizer cases sticking together using batteries because the bottom of the clearomizer is melting because it is always exposed to heat.

Please remember, the clearomizer connector that directly contacts the connector on the battery is stainless steel, but the base of the clearomizer is usually made of aluminum.