Now, to hold events charity, of course, there are many ideas that you can do. Many creative ideas that can be done by everyone to be able to get money so they can do charity. With these creative ideas, there are also many people who are charitable and interested in participating in the event. Daniel Ballerini can help anyone who will make an event so that the event is better organized.

Usually, charity runs are carried out at a distance of about 5km-10km. For those of you who will follow it, there are some running tips so you can follow the charity run smoothly and without significant obstacles.

1. The exercise runs 5 km
For beginners, experts recommend training for four weeks.
In the first week. Try to do a light run for 30 minutes on the first day. Then take a break and just stretch on the second day. On the third day, try running for 30 minutes again. Warm up and if possible do a brisk walk for 30 minutes on the fourth day. Entering the fifth day, try running for 3o minutes back. On the sixth day, train your body with strength training for endurance. The last day as a closing, rest your body completely.
Do it every week by repeating the same pattern, if necessary add time and repetitions every week. Because exercise will gradually increase the strength of your body systematically.

2. Practice running 10 km
You must be consistent with the running schedule you have. even if you experience a very bad body condition and feel tired, encourage yourself to slow down and try to motivate yourself to be able to complete the increasing distance in all ways.
Once a week, practice by adding a sprint. You can do it regularly by warming up with a five-minute walk. Then followed by jogging for 10 minutes with short steps. Next, start running four sets of intervals for two minutes at a higher speed, then after a light jog for two minutes for recovery.