It’s true that as a National Park, Mols Bjerge is quite close to a town called Ebeltoft. So you may not feel too worried about supplies and a place to rest. However, if you want to enjoy the challenge of spending your time in the naturpark Mols Bjerge, perhaps you should pack up your things from home properly. This allows you to feel like a real explorer who depends on yourself more instead of to the surrounding areas of your adventure in the national park.

Aside from that, if you refrain from renting a room in the nearby town, and you decide to camp (if it’s allowed during your visit), then perhaps you will have a more memorable time there. Embracing the nature and the beautiful landscape of Mols Bjerge in the wild can be very exciting, and it can be more challenging for some people as well. However, if this doesn’t suit you, then don’t worry! It’s because the town of Ebeltoft will offer you a lot of places and other fun activities for you to check out.